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The make up world has received a dash of inspiration thanks to the fashion shows, runway and Cara Delevingne. One thing you should know when it comes to beauty trends is that the world is your shell and that means you can live in it, therefore there is no harm in trying out the new makeup trends that celebrities and models are sporting.


There was always this unspoken rule that said you need to live space for the other, by this I mean one facial feature should be enhanced only. Know this, the new beauty trend allows more than one facial feature get the spotlight. You can achieve this by highlighting and focusing on each feature whether its your eyebrow, chicks or lips.

For Eyebrows go for a much more defined eyebrow, the bold eyebrows is what is trending at the moment. To achieve this; tweeze any hair that falls outside your normal brow line and then trace with a pencil using a brush to soften the lines and setting it with brow powder.

For your eyes to pop, use natural toned eye-shadow with shimmer, this would help draw attention to your eyes as well, to give it a defined and greasy look use a balm rein it in and finish off with a shadow brush for a clean finish.

For The Lips strike a balance with matte lips, either going for colors like purple, velvet burgundy etc take note to start off with a lip stain before using your matte lipstick. finish off with a brush for exactness.


Defined Eyebrows

Hello World

Full Brows with Matte Lips



Soft Blend

This looks comprises of soft application of eye-shadow, lip stick blush etch to give off a chill, soft look.

Eye-shadow application can either appear soft, though, elegant or downright weird, but for bold eyes you need a bold color that appears sort. To apply eye-shadow make sure your skin is clean, then you can use a primer, powder, concealer or foundation to create a blank canvas and then sweep he shadow across your lids buffing out the color until its almost transparent then add another layered buff again, do this until you have achieved a soft layered look.

For lip color go with well defined but cool lipstick and add lip balm for the finishing touch same goes for blush application.

Visuel look pastel chic blackup 1

Water colour


Dramatic Brows

This loo is not what you would expect but the truth is colored eyebrows has been in existence for quite a while now the only problem is a lot of people don’t know hoe it is applied and which colors are good on them. For this look try out a dark purple or dek pink color for your eyebrows and wear with soft lip color if you want to keep it chill but if not go with wild lips.


Dramatic Eyebrows


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What do you guys think, can you pull off any of these looks/ beauty trends? Leave your comments below.

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