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Just like having dark underarms or armpit, dark butts can be quite embarrassing and can make you conscious. there are so many disadvantages that come with it; be it dark butts or hips, you can be limited while choosing a great bikini, just because of this. Darkness on bum skin can also make you conscious when you get into the swimming outfit. Excessive sun bathing and tight clothes also lead to darkening of the bum. Here are the three most effective home remedies to dark butts;

1. Yoghurt and Turmeric: You can effectively lighten dark butts using yogurt and turmeric pack. Yoghurt makes the skin smooth and  takes off the darkness, while turmeric controls the melanin and also reduces the roughness on the butts.

Yoghurt and tumeric

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2. Sugar, Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice:

This remedy mildly exfoliates to slough off the dead skin cells and it also lightens the darkness. With the regular use of this scrub, the butt area becomes smoother and darkness will be gone gradually. Mix two teaspoonful of fine sugar and add two teaspoonful of aloe Vera gel into it. Add one teaspoonful of lemon juice and mix all the ingredients well. Use this mixture to massage the area gently and with circular motions rub on the area, then keep this on for extra ten minutes and the rinse off.

Aloe Vera and sugar

3. Lemon juice with Glycerine:

Lemon juice is an excellent for getting rid of the darkness, improvising the complexion of the buttocks. To get this done, mix a teaspoonful of lemon juice and add half teaspoonful of glycerine. Apply this on the dark butts and massage with circular movements. This will promote the blood circulation. Leave it for twenty minutes and then rinse off. This remedy can be done while in the shower.

Lemon juice

Choose to be on the skin lightening side, put these home remedies in place and get rid of ark butts with them!
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