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It’s a rainy day in Lagos and by the look’s of it, it might rain all morning. The rainy day over in Lagos is not fun and games neither is it a dance with glee. This is because working people have to joggle the rain with their daily activities, for example I had to be in the rain because I must head out to work. Some people are afraid of the flood and how it would get into their apartments etc. I do love a cold weather but that’s when I don’t have any pressing activities to attend to; So now that I’ve established a point you might be wondering what are the 3 important things that would keep you sane this rainy season. Scroll down and see for yourself:

1. Stay-Dry Equipment/Drying Tools

A few months ago I wrote about 5 items you should have in your handbag at all times this rainy season; in this article I talked about things that would prevent you from getting wet like shower caps, which are intended to keep your hair dry, Raincoats and umbrella’s. It is very important to have this things with you as they would prevent you from getting drenched by the rain while you are headed to your place of business.



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You can also carry a very tiny piece of drying tool which is the hand dryer, a small hand dryer wrapped in a nylon (to prevent water from sipping in) can come in handy.

2. Rubber Shoe 

I even have one on now, this has come in handy and the beauty is I can wear them in and out of the season because it is really pretty and fashion forward. So it is important to have cute rubber shoe that would protect your feet and serve as an alternative for work. If you fall in another business category then your rubber shoe would probably be a rain boot, they are important, safe and they protect your feet from germs.

Rubber Shoes

Rubber Shoes

3. Hot Food/Vitamin Supplement

After the down pour its only natural to crave something hot. So a hot meal would definitely make you feel better. It would also make you feel much more productive. On the days that the rain seems to be pouring down everyday, hot food would be needed but so will vitamin supplements. This is to ensure optimum health during the deary weather.

Hot Food

Hot Food

This are the 3 important things that would keep you sane this rainy season.

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