2yungkings : Kid Fashion, Children Day Special


Yay! its children’s day

Every one is a child at heart, yes I said it so in the spirit of children’s day we are celebrating the most popular kids on Instagram M&D tWins aka @2YUNGKINGS. When you talk about style you have to mention this fabulous kids, they are stylish and they always seem to be having fun which is really important as kids. Fashion police would be celebrating some of their best look starting from;


Meet the twins when they were still super cute and cuddle. The twins who are now famous for their dreadlocks hairstyle were rocking the Afro look in this too cute baby picture.

adorable afro babies

Hello World


Here are fabulous pictures of the twins in various attires, looking stylish cute and adorable.


So cute, Here the twins rock a grey colored with black details three piece suit, with a black silk tie, black leather shoes and retro dark shades. The twins sure look bad-ass with their men in black pose, if only they were in all black.



Here, the adorable little chaps rock matching black and white combo, a black T-shirt and black denim pants, a black and white Arabian scarf and a black and white sneakers accessorizing with matching wrist watches and pleated silver hand bands.

adorable little chaps



Here the twin’s demure is cool following their cool blue and white attire. The kids sport a dark blue shirt, a sparkling white  singlet, white shorts with blue inscriptions and a lighter shade blue and white shoes not forgetting their ray ban dark sun shades.

cool demure



Here the twins rock their street style with clear white matching T-shirts, matching dark jeans turned up and brown cow boy like boots and matching retro silver and black shaded sun glasses. They diversify with twin one sporting a black and white stripe muffler, black wood beads bracelet and a blueish hand band and twin two sporting a brown and black wool stripe muffler, brown and cream wooden bead bracelet and a black with white bead shamballar.




Here 2yungkings rock matching nerd glasses, black T-shirts, black velvet blazers, light blue jean and sparkling white sneakers simply lovable.

dope kings



Here the twin wear matching pairs of short, shamballars, retro dark sun glasses, ysl neck accessory and loafers. they wear matching but different colored cashmere sweat shirt.

fly boys

The twins style is a definite style inspiration when it comes to kiddies fashion.


Here they show each other love, they are kids after-all.

kids afterall

To see more pictures of this adorable kids click here; 2yungkingz

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