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One of the challenges one faces after breaking up with someone particularly when he/she was dumped by this person that they have sacrificed their life for, Is that they all have this unresolved feelings that has nowhere to go.  These thoughts can sink into their minds driving them crazy, For hours or days, Weeks, Months or even longer. The first thing you must remember during this time is not to blame yourself or anyone or even try harming that person because it might boomerang.


Hello World

Good day Amaka. guilt is killing me. advice me. my name is Jessica and I’m 24 years old. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for so many years. since when I was 18. he has been there for me through thick and thin. I have had four abortions for him. one night , I decided to ask if he sees me as a wife material. the guy said no. that I’m just for fun and I’ve destroyed my womb so he can’t marry me. I was shattered. then I acted like I didn’t even care. a week after! he started cheating on me. I found out , he dumped me. saying he wants a fresh girl with intact womb and so on. meanwhile I was planning to destroy him. my bestfriend said she will help me destroy his manhood and she did! She just gave me something to give him to drink . she found a way to help me make sure he never has kids. we permanently destroyed his sperm count . and his dick … I tested this by calling him & saying we should have a last $3x. he surprisingly agreed! my dear, the dick did NOT stand . he tried and tried ? he just gave me mind blowing head and we called it a night! so some days back he called me and started talking to me about his dick issue. because we are still close. he even said the girl dumbed him because of it. my dear I loved watching him go through that pain. so I agreed to keep dating him in exchange for bomb heads oh. since he couldn’t make love , we would just make out & I’ll get my daily dose of head ? sha now I’ve started feeling bad for him because I’ve destroyed his life. but do you think he deserves it ? advice me

Dear Jessica

Being cheated on and dumped is one of the most painful, Shattering experiences but not always the end of the road for any, Rather it ushers in new possibilities. No one ever wished for such but when it happens you just need to accept it and move on than killing your conscience. Relationships requires sacrifice but not sacrificing your unborn kids, You shouldn’t expect him getting married to you when he knows there is every tendency of you not conceiving.

That this guy cheated and dumped you is not enough reason to harm him in such manner, You should have just left him and let karma take its due course rather than doing things your own way. He doesn’t deserve such from you, Thinking of his good sides will have helped you overcome such thought. All you need do now is to look for a solution if there is any and let him know you are responsible so you save yourself of this guilt.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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