Girls That Are #SingleToStuppor Would Totally Understand This 15 Pictures


Being single can be a pain in the ass, yes I said it this is because this days everyone tends to flaunt their bea on social media especially Instagram. Now as a recently single person you surely would start to notice couples everywhere you go and everywhere you turn, which can be really annoying;

And to add fuel to the fire the people around you would not stop asking you crazy questions about your relationship status.


Hello World

Anyways recently the #singletostupor went viral on twitter and there were several tweets that were both true and hilarious, here are some of them:

1. When your network provider is your bea

2. When you no longer have a preference

3. When there’s no bea to call

When your family only appear in your call log.

4. When your friends brake up and you are dancing reggae blues

5. When you say you are single but you are really not. lol

6. When people around you refuse to believe your relationship status.

7. When “I love you” becomes a rare commodity

8. When you create an imaginary bea

9. When cheating is allowed

10. When you look in the mirror and you say;

11. When you suddenly hate romantic music.

12. Siri Curves you,

13. When you spend money on yourself ONLY

14. When you get compliments but you are still single.

15. When your reason for being single is Work, but you know that’s a lie.

Okay, so am going to join this #singletostupor trend what about you?


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What do you think about the #singletostupor trend? would you join in, is it hilarious enough? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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