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Currently, we could say that the bloggers behind some of our favourite fashion looks are on a roll… Literally!

If we were to face the facts, we would understand that the selfie or Instagram game has moved beyond norm-core looks, even the simple pieces like joggers and bomber jackets have gotten a face lift. Individuality and personal style is what rocks on the gram and it’s what we are inspired by.

Why are we now interested in fashion more than we ever were?

Thanks to Instagram and other social media platform our view on what is beautiful has changed drastically. Prior to this time we were obsessed with becoming skinny like the models we find on vogue or on the runway which was a very unhealthy way of thinking.

Right now, body positivity, acceptance etc are what many style bloggers preach today, this way they reach out to so many women, showing them that they can love their body and giving style tips on how to rock a comfortable piece no matter what shape or size they are.

This information has made women comfortable with who they are, of cause they strive to do better but not at the detriment of their well being. Now a lot of women can go ahead and dress comfortably, stylish and according to their taste.

This reason is why we are currently obsessed with these latest styles; from abstract prints, to colourful patterns, pastels and nudes these styles are definitely worth being inspired by.

Here are the 13 styles we are currently obsessed with; we hope you find them as stimulating we did, scroll down to check them out below;


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Which one is your favourite; tell us in the comment section below.

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