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The keys to living a healthy life is not a mystery that needs to be unearth, its something every one knows. Get enough sleep, eat vegetables, drink less alcohol, take time to exercise , meditate and reduce your coffee intake are just a list of things we know mentally but how many of us can say with a straight face that we’ve been able to follow this regimen correctly over the course of the year? (mind you its a new year and you made your resolutions a month ago).

If you wanted the truth then here it is, I can’t vouch that I’ve done half of what is written on the short list and that’s why an article I saw online through research caught my attention. The reality is the fact that even if you make a healthy list of jogging every morning and staying away from alcohol etc there is a chance that you won’t be able to keep up with but there are little changes that you can make to your lifestyle that won’t overwhelm you; Here are 10 ways to live a healthier and easy life,

  • Avoiding processed food altogether is the right move but if you can reduce your intakes and eat more fresh foods and vegetable then you are on the right track.
  • If there is one thing I do a lot its Walking, so if you don’t walk enough then you need to get on your fit because a little trek can do wonders for you.


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  • Limiting your drinking is good for your wallet and liver too.
  • Take vacations (or a sick day off) your body needs to relax.
  • End toxic relationships and friendships.


  • Take a break from technology and the digital world instead pick up a book and read.
  • Read more and participate in physical activities like dancing, swimming or bike riding (they relieve you of mental stress).


  • Stay away from negativity , attitude and behavior.
  • Don’t waste your time worrying about what other people think.


How do you practice healthy living, you might have an easier view on how to live life happy and healthy. Share this thoughts with us, you might be saving somebody out there.

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