It is very important for a relationship to be healthy and transparent, all relationships are designed to flop if certain things are done wrong. We all have different views when it comes to an ideal relationship but whatever your views or vision that you deem ideal, there are some factors that are important. Relationships require contribution from both partners and there are lots of factors that ensure a healthy alliance in any relationship, there are also a lot of factors that ensures the elimination of a healthy relationship.  We have shortlisted certain things to be avoided if you wish to be in a healthy and long lasting relationship.


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1. Compare and contrast:

Comparing your partner with a colleague, friend, acquaintance, family member or worst your ex will make them feel irrelevant, belittled and can also make them feel as if they are not enough for you. This can also make your partner feel inadequate and might also take away your peace of mind and contentment in regard to your relationship, it can also be perceived on your partners part as a sign of your attraction to someone else which can damage your relationship.

2. Reading but not responding to messages:

A late reply or not replying at all to your partners messages will arouse doubt and suspicion on your partners part as they may feel that you are ignoring them. It is only wise to reply to your partner’s message as soon as you get them. If you are busy just inform them but do not leave them hurt with the feeling of being ignored and do not give them any opportunity to feel like they are not part of your priorities

3. Being a control freak:

Relationships are supposed to be based on equality, trying to control your partner is not fair. Put in mind that your partner is a grown up, independent individual who has the autonomy to take decisions, you can only suggest or advice but you can never exert or force them into anything. They need your support and not a dominance.

4.  Jealousy:

Jealousy eats away relationships, being possessive is good but to an extent when it is too much it become suffocating. Learn to develop mutual trust that you don’t need to doubt your partner, your partner is not a property so it is your duty to respect their individuality. Do not allow insecurities take away your love life.

5. Bringing up their past:

Past should always be past and not the present. Sometimes our past are associated with agony and pain, if it is a healthy past, it’s not bad to bring back the good times but if it is something that makes them feel uncomfortable then you should never bring it to the present.

6. Exposing your personal issue:

Your partner needs to know your stance in the relationship. It would be biased if you talk about your personal issues with someone else before your partner. The more your communication with your partner is transparent the better for you.

7. Browsing their phone without permission:

This kind of behavior causes trust issues and is one of the main reasons for today’s breakup. Learn to respect your partners privacy and do not probe into their stuff. They might be your partner but that does not give you the permission to invade into their personal privacy.

8. Looking out for eye candy:

The eyes that made you connected with your partner can also halt your connection forever if they are not kept in check. Stop checking other people out in the presence of your partner so it does not raise suspicions about your interest.

9. Looking more at your phone than your partners face:

Spending quality time with your partner is one of the key to a healthy relationship. It helps to build trust and a long-lasting relationship, your conversation with your partner should not only be verbal but also mentally and spiritually leveled and that will entail committing all your senses to them while in their company. It will irritate your partner and make them feel unimportant if you are fidgeting with your phone when you are in a middle of a conversation.

10. Taken for granted:

What you have now will not be there if you do not nurture and pamper it well. Taken someone for granted is the worst tag you can place on anything or anyone, your partner should not be your punch bag or throw cushion and should not be disrespected in anyway.


What other things do you think should be avoided in any relationship? Share with us below.

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