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Ever heard of hoarding? Am sure you have and if you haven’t it simply means keeping things for sentimental or pointless reasons. As a grown woman (yes this post is for the grown women) there are quite a number of things that we hold on to for sentimental values. I know I still have a few of this things, I had to toss out a lot because I was becoming a hoarder (and my sister was threatening me).

The truth is that most times we think some of this items would come back as trends, yes many times it works that way but you have to be true to yourself, look it over and ask yourself this question; Is this really what keeping? Does this fabric look old? This questions would help you sieve through and determine what to keep and toss away.


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But in order to have a clear mind and conscience, I would help you out with items that you most certainly need to toss out or…(GIVE TO CHARITY);

  1. Old Bridesmaid dresses are number 1 on the list because you wouldn’t wear them anymore why not toss it into the box, some child might need it somewhere.
  2. Really Painful Heels are next, Just because you saw Kim K on them doesn’t mean they are right for you, I mean you are not going to wear it, you only stare at it so what’s the point, why not give it out.
  3. Your most expensive dress was stained or your favorite pants keeps coming loose and you’ve tried to wash the stains away or you’ve sewn it several times and it still comes off well its time to you try to purge.
  4. Panties that might as well be a dental floss, how do you wear this things?
  5. Those tight body con dresses that makes you feel faint, gurl! throw it away.
  6. Leggings that are now sheer, need I say more.
  7. Remember your first interview and that ill-fitting suit? its time for it to go.
  8. Look you’ll loose wait when you do but stop saving those skinny clothes, let them go they are taking up unnecessary space.
  9. I’ve been a victim of guilty buys before and also a victim of buying things that don’t fit (impulse buy), all I do is give them out, you should too.
  10. Finally if you have those comically low rise jeans then toss them out asap.

This are the 10 things no grown woman should have in her wardrobe, do you have any more to add? I would certainly love to know. Leave your answers in the comment box below.

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