Life is unpredictable and the idea of spending your whole life with someone is almost impossible to wrap our heads around. We never know what life will give, whether how high it will be or how low it will be and that is why choosing a partner is one of the important things in anybody’s life. Your partner can either cause tense or happy moments and can make your life better or worse. Here are signs that says you are a wife material;

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1. You listens to him:

A guy will instantly like a girl that listens to him, guys stories are usually not interesting and not what girls want to hear because they are used to having girly talks with their friends. So if a girl is actually listening to them, then they will see you in their future plans.

2. You are his biggest support:

If a girl always supports her partner irrespective of what comes running at him, the partner will take her as someone special. The girl might not even realize how much she means to her partner but he would know that he can’t do without her.

3. You are thoughtul:

He cancelled a date because he was stuck at work and instead of sulking, you brought lunch for him at the office. The guy will never find anyone other than you and he would never let you go.

4. You care enough:

She does not only cares for him but also cares for his loved ones. She tries to get to know the people who he loves and tries to understand them better for his sake.

5. You are confident:

A lady that knows how to speak her mind and is not shy to be around his partners, friends and family, gets along with people and even strangers, knows how to deal with tricky situations will surely win the heart of her partner.

6. You can cook:

What all guys want in life is to have a stable career and a wife who can cook good meals everyday. It is a fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if she could find her way into his heart through that, the guy wouldn’t want anything more.

7. You stand out from other women:

Standing out is not just in terms of beauty but actually out in a crowd of women. He can find you amidst the hottest of women and he would still like you more than them, he can spot you anywhere you are, then you stand a chance to be his chosen bride.

8. You are mesmerising:

If a girl makes his partner abandon all his other relationships, then he is ready to get married and she is the one who made it happen. He would find you so captivating that he cannot think about anyone else because you mean so much to him.

9. You accept him for who he is:

You love your man for who he is and adore him for the little things that are part of his personality. You do not try to change him and accepts him with all your heart.

10. She is generous:

Being kind and generous are very important. If she is kind and generous to both her partner and people around her then his heart will surely melt towards her and he will see her as a wife material.

Are you a wife material? Share your thoughts below.

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