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Its always exciting when you are starting a new job, the first week is always stressful because you are trying to navigate your new environment and understand your job description in the midst of training. In between all this you want to show the manager that you are capable and up to the task. In between all this, you are taking instructions and delivering on the said instructions but trust us when we say taking a few extra steps wouldn’t hurt it would help you transition better and set you up for a much better future.


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Below are the 10 smart things you should do right after starting a new job, scroll down, take notes and learn;

1. Reach out to your old contacts, whether or not you are in the same industry, give them your new contact information and if you would want to work with them personally in future, let them know you would contact them soon and you would like to keep working with them.

2. During your first week, you would or might have a training meeting with your manager, this would give you the opportunity to ask or find out about what is expected of your first week,  first month and third month performance.

3. As the new guy/girl your new colleagues would want to know about you, why you were hired, where you came from and what you are doing in the company. Before you start to relate it would be a good ideas to fine tune your (elevator) pitch.

4. As a newbie, you most likely were introduced to everyone on your first day, but its only natural to have forgotten the names of your new colleagues and roles. You can simply re-introduce yourself when you have the chance, this builds a lasting work relationship.

5. Socialize, introduce yourself to those you would be working with. This builds good relationship, you can ask for tips and tricks which they would willingly share and this would show you are ready to work.

6. Observe and listen, the conduct of an office environment cannot be in the handbook the HR hands. Observe and pay attention during meetings and out of meetings, watch the way people around you behave this would give you a clue of the environment.

7. Its important to learn the layout of the office during your first week of work, the more you know the more comfortable things would be for you. So ask around for the necessities both in and out of the office.

8. The dress code might be in the pamphlet handed out but you can only set your wardrobe accordingly when you pay close attention to the way your new colleagues put their outfit together. This days casual Friday is everyday in many offices so pay attention and get with the program.

9. You need to “Tech Up” learn how to work the company’s system. So make sure to visit the IT director or personal to find out all the necessary function like how to make a call, join conference call, skype etc.

10. You must enjoy yourself, Immerse yourself in happiness. Challenge yourself, inspire yourself, learn something new everyday and be glad to be where you are. Reach out and grow.

These are the 10 smart things you should do right after starting a new job. Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comment box below.

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