A person is unable to complete his mission in life alone, soulmates complete each other. Everyone needs someone to help them become a better person and it is not always a blissful experience. Being in an honest, sincere and committed relationship will help you become the person you want to be. Soulmate relationships can be rough at first, sometimes it will look like you are not fit together at all, but after a little bit of twisting, turning and flipping around, you will feel you are in the right track. If you are wondering whether or not you have found your soulmate, here are 10 clear signs that you have:


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  1. You feel their pain: Whatever hurts him, hurts you just as much, when he is upset or had an argument with a friend, you also feel it. You also share their happiness and joy and feel it.
  2. You feel comfortable around them: Whether you are watching a movie with him, dining out, visiting friends or even working together, you always feel immensely comfortable around him. You never feel awkward and feel you can fall asleep around him, it’s a sure sign he is your soulmate.
  3. You disagree sometimes: This is a key point, a soulmate is someone who does not agree with you on everything, they will not say yes to everything you say but will always challenge you on certain points and might even have different interest. But when it comes to morals and values, they are on the same level as you.
  4. You’ve got the same life goals: If you and your partner are on the same side when it comes to your goals, it’s a definite sign he is your soulmate. It’s important that the two of you want the same thing.
  5. You don’t imagine life without him: A soulmate is someone who comes into your life and lights it up in such a way that you can’t stay without him. If you are afraid to think of how your life would be if he left and how what it is like before he arrived. And you remember that life was never good without him.
  6. The time is right: If you both feel ready to accept one another into your lives and take responsibility to the next stage. there is a good chance that he is the one.
  7.  He challenges you: Soulmates are there for us all the time, there to support us and challenge our thoughts and actions when we step out of line. If you do something out of character or unethical, he is not going to let you getaway with it because he cares.
  8. He knows what’s good for you: When you are stressed they will know how to relieve your stress and when you are down they know how to cheer you up and when you need some time alone they will understand and give you space. Most times, they probably know you more than you know yourself.
  9. You get butterflies in your stomach: The butterflies you got in your stomach is not when a guy is walkingto us, but when you lie in bed thinking about him or when he texts you, even when you are sitting next to him on the sofa and thinking, when you are always in such mood, you’ve got the best friend you will have by your side.
  10. You know you are safe: That feeling of security and safety when you are with your man are sure signs the relationship is unbreakable. You have an obvious knowledge that he will never hurt you and will always be there for you, to protect and cherish you and that nothing is going to break you about.
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