A good relationship is suppose to enhance your life, Make you happier, Boost your self confidence and make you believe in your own decisions, A bad relationship is the exact opposite of all this. Getting out of a bad relationship is much more difficult once you have invested your time and heart, Before you invest too much into a relationship take a moment and thoughtfully analyze your interaction with this new found love to see if this person is right for you, Don’t allow desperation lure you into a commitment that may all be wrong. It is rare for an unstable relationship to improve after marriage, If the marriage is a mistake you either remain unhappily married for fear of what others may say or you divorce, To avoid misconception in your relationship below are signs to look out for;

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1. Constant fighting: Every relationships are not the same, Some people are more prone to outburst than others, But there is a huge difference between communicating argument and fighting. If every conversation ends in a fight with two days of the silent treatment, And you have made some efforts to improve your communication but nothing has changed, Save yourself the trouble and cut your losses.

2. People don’t enjoy hanging out with you as a couple: You asked your friends to join you and your partner at a bar often times and they turned you down? Instead of getting annoyed or offended which is an understandable and reasonable reaction, Probe into your significant other before concluding.

3. When your friends dislike your boyfriend: It’s always best to explore why your friend’s do not consider your partner as the best, Some friends won’t be bold enough to tell you their reasons unequivocally so you won’t get hurt, Most friends will feel you won’t consider their opinion and might even ignore them because when it comes to relationship we always think we know best.

4. You don’t think about your significant other during the day: When you really like someone that person will always be on your mind despite the busy schedule and when you never seem to remember your partner during the day you are probably with the wrong person.

5. They make you feel belittled: Partners should always feel equal and make the relationship balanced, But when your partner always makes you feel emotionally or mentally lesser then its time to move on. Never stay with someone who makes you feel like you don’t matter or that you are nothing without him or her.

6. When you don’t like your partners friend: Your partner might be your prince charming but when they are hanging out with multitude of failures, That speaks a lot. You judge people base on the friends they keep and when one partner dislike friends of the other partner, It’s always better to examine such friends.

7. You don’t trust your partner or they don’t trust you: What’s a relationship without trust? This is an obvious sign because there is no point been in a relationship where both partners do not trust each other.

8. Always resentful: Resentment destroys a relationship, When feeling angered or displeasure about a relationship, And you have tried to overcome and talk about the grudges with your partner, Yet it seems it’s not working then you might be dealing with the wrong person.

9. They want to change you: Nobody has the right to take your individuality from you, Your partner should love you for everything you are and not try to change you for what you are not, If your partner does not appreciate your individuality then it is time to move on.

10. You have never dreamt of being with this person: If you cannot see yourself in the future of your partner then you might be dealing with the wrong fella.

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