Unfortunately, Some ladies have this feeling that they are not the only woman in their boyfriends life but they don’t know the signs to pin down, No lady will condone been a side chic but the truth of the matter is it happens. Some men have so many”side girlfriends”. You can think that you are the one and only but you may be the side chic yourself. Not everyone can be a starter all the time, Some ladies despite their intentions end up as a back up to a guy, Men are now very clever and devious in their ploy and they know how to keep their girlfriends and their “side girlfriends” separate. Because you don’t know if you are the side chic doesn’t mean you are not. Below are sure signs to look out for if you think you might be;


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1. Your dates are planned far in advance

You should be able to go out together without giving more than a week’s notice, Though some men have a very busy work schedule and travel a lot but however, Men create time for what they want and if you are a priority they will treat you as such.

2. He always has his phones on him

If you were really in a relationship he won’t restrict you from his phone. I’m not saying you are a side chic because he is always with his phone, But there is a difference between someone always on his phone and someone always glued to his phone. He wont let you look at the phone because he doesn’t want you to see anything that will make you suspicious that you are a side chic.

3. He is often out during holidays

A guy that wants you will always want to see you on holidays especially ones celebrated with loved ones like the valentine day, If he doesn’t call or pick your calls during the holidays and only calls to see you a day to or after the celebration then you might be his side chic.

4. He never shows affection in public

If  you grab his hand in public and he pulls his away, He never kiss or get close to you in public that is a sign you might be the side chic. Though some men do not display public affection in front of friends and family but you should be concerned when he can’t still display affection in public when you two are all alone.

5. He hates surprises

Especially surprise visits, When a guy is constantly telling you not to pay him a visit unannounced then you should be concern because he might not want the main chic to meet you in his house.

6. Doesn’t answer his calls around you and you never hear it rings

You are likely unaware that you are his side chic and he doesn’t want to risk answering the call in your presence so you don’t talk in the background while he is talking with his main chic on the phone.

7. He doesn’t call you his girlfriend

When he introduces you to his friends, colleagues even family and he just introduce you with your name and never mention to them that you are his girlfriend that is also a glaring sign he doesn’t want to introduce another girlfriend to his love ones.

8. He only calls you for $3x

He won’t call you out for dinner or to see a movie and always give excuses of no time but will always have time to call you for $3x. Girl you are his side babe and he is treating you as such.

9. He refuses to make you guys official

You have been dating a guy for some time and you have dedicated a lot of time and effort into the relationship and this guy is not even talking about the future, Perhaps he has something else at home.

10. You don’t know where he lives

If he never wants you to know where he resides but will always want or prefer you meeting him in an hotel, Restaurant or bar, This only means one thing and that is you are his side girl.

Hey ladies, Have you had such experience or are you having the feelings that you are not the only woman in his life? Lets hear your thought and opinion in the comment box below.

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