There are some subconscious things that we do and do not realize how this actions are annoying our partners unknowingly and are affecting our relationship. Relationship is a constant struggle no matter what and the struggle is well worth it. It’s quite inappropriate when people struggle with relationships without understanding what they are doing is wrong, it can be frustrating to feel like you are making things work out in your relationship when in real sense you are only ruining your relationship. Read on to find ten little things that are much bigger than you think and might be affecting your relationship:


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  1. Avoiding fights: You might feel its a nice thing when you don’t fight with your partner, but mind you two people from different world can never agree on everything, all the time. If you don’t fight with your partner, it only means that you don’t communicate properly and one, or both of you are storing things up which will definitely explode someday.
  2. Nagging: This is something that no one encourages and many people do it without realizing it. It’s playful quite alright, but the reality is he will get bored and will stop taking you serious when you always pick holes in whatever he does.
  3. You take things for granted: Do not take things for granted if you want to have a healthy relationship. Assumption should be far from you even if you have been with your partner for a long time.
  4. You spend money like a single lady: Money is another cause of relationship breakdowns, do not assume that all money in the joint account is your responsibility to spend on the things you like and not what he likes. You will both have ideas of what to spend the money on, so it shouldn’t be your personal business.
  5. You belittle him in front of others: Your partners private habits cannot become a public knowledge, you shouldn’t put your partner down in front of other people, especially your own family members. The little things you share at home should not be shared outside.
  6. Refusing to communicate: Avoiding a discussion is another way of creating a wedge in-between you and your partner. You might not want to talk about it, but sometimes the most unpalatable of topics are the best to be discussed.
  7. You don’t let him have his open space in his home: You should give your partners a bit of space, he can have his own room, shelves or even a drawer. Anywhere he can call his own and have things the way he wants them to be.
  8. You over dependent: Men love to be protective and providers, but you shouldn’t get carried away with that, men like women who are independent and are succeeding in their own ways. Being over dependent only works in the movies.
  9. You answer with a blunt yes or no: Answering your partner with just a yes or no kills conversation instantly, communicate properly and open up in any discussion with your partner. Single syllable answers will discourage your partner from communicating with you and push him away.
  10. You play games to test your partner: Your partner does not need to prove his love and playing innocent games to test his love will only begin to annoy him. Pretending to be upset to get some attention or throwing a tantrum just to get a reaction, will soon get on his nerves and he will begin to ignore it.

This are the things that are affecting your relationship, so make sure you follow this tips, it would help you build a stronger relationship with your partner.

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