It is a well known fact that funny guys are awesome and a guy’s sense of humor is part of the qualities ladies wants in a man. No girl would mind been in the company of a funny guy because the reasons are countless, they don’t fool around like a clown but they make decent, mature sense of humor and that is what girls love. Continue reading to know reasons why we think funny guys are the best boyfriends;


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1. Funny Means Witty:

If your guy is funny, he will have lots of facts to put in his jokes. This means that he will not only know how to make something sound humorous but also he has a fountain of knowledge in himself.

2. He Never Get’s Bored:

It can be fun and very exciting being in a relationship with a funny guy because both of you would be two very active people constantly coming back to each others jokes. It will also help you be a great conversationalist that will entertain you by talking to you.

3. He Observes Everything:

In order for guys to be funny, they observe every little thing around them and attribute it’s funny characteristic to something else to form a joke. Appreciating his observation skills would be the perfect thing to do.

4. Your Friends Love Him:

You don’t have to try make your friends like your guy because he would do it himself, he would not be scared to take the step and make everyone laugh. Your friends will also love him for they would see you laughing with him all the time.

5. Never Lets It Get Awkward:

You don’t even have to worry about him being too funny because he knows which jokes can be hurtful to whom and the right joke to break the ice. He knows what jokes to create that would receive cheerful laugh from all around and not hurt anyone.

6. He Knows Himself:

It takes lots of confidence for someone to make jokes about oneself just to make a person laugh. He does that for the sake of your smile, he might not be the most confident person you know but when you two are together, you know what he is and how much he does to make everyone smile.

7. He Teaches You Life Lessons:

A funny guy will make you take things lightly and also learn to laugh at life  because that is what his attitude teaches you. He will make you understand the hilarity in life that you did not see before.

8. He Knows How To Make You Smile:

He will know what to do to make you laugh when crying, funny guys know the right things to do at the right time and they know the value of laughter and the worth of love.

9. He Let Things Go Easily:

He knows how to tackle dramatic people, he has tricks for making something that would naturally enrage you, funny, his humor might be the most useful thing about him.

10. Comedians Are Sensitive:

Comedians are very good at hiding and playing with their emotions and they might never let the world see it, but they are very sensitive about everything. You will know how special you are to him when he shows you his sensitive side.

Does your boyfriend make you laugh? Let us know in the comment section below.

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