Toke Makinwa published her book more than a week ago and the whole internet went above and beyond leaving comments. I’ve been privilege to read the book and I’ve got some pointers for those who are too lazy to read but first why are people so interested in the book?

Toke Makinwa a stylish OAP became an over night media darling with her creative style and love for fashion but all this almost came crashing down when earlier in the year the news of her husband of one years infidelity hit the media. The news could have broken this beauty but above all odd’s she seemed to brush it aside; throughout the drama and after, she kept mute until news surfaced when she filed for a divorce.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

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Toke decided to write a tell-All or as she called it “Not a Tell All but A Must-Tell” which she titled “On Becoming”. Her story whether you choose to like it or not resonates with a lot of women and her mess has transformed into a message. Here’s a summary of what you can find in her book.

1. She starts off with how she found out about Anita’s pregnancy from a journalist who was seeking to be paid; initially she denied payment but then she was forced to ask her friend to pay. The payment didn’t go through since another friend told her not to give in to black-mail.

2. She confronts her then husband Maje about the information and he denied it; she called their pastor who then speaks to Maje, only then does he tell the truth about the fact that Anita was nine months gone.

3. She talks about her childhood, her strict parent hood; she explains how her parents died at a very young age in a fire accident when she was eight years old. Her parents were buried side by side in her hometown at Ondo state. She went further to talk about how she grew up with her Big Mummy. “She became a shrew-dish woman that only opens up to her siblings and not the outside world”

4. She talks about being a difficult child after the death of her parents. she ended up being admitted into the University of Lagos Akoka where she was to study English. She talks about becoming a wild child, always partying without concern for her studies, on her 3rd year in school she was advised to withdraw.

5. In chapter five which is titled LOVE; she talks about Maje’s wedding to her, how he had disappointed her three times prior to the day they finally got married where he even showed up late. She went on to describe meeting Maje at the club in her first year at the university and the day on the day she was heart broken.

6. In chapter six which is titled HISTORY; She talks about getting the feeling that Maje was cheating while they were still early on in the relationship and she talks about an incident where Maje refused to allow her go to a party with him because his supposed ex was going to be attending.

7. She talked about his philandering behavior which had been going on from the onset of their relationship, she talks about the different and many encounters she had and the lie’s. She talks about breaking up with him but then he came back to beg after two months of their first break-up.

8. She talk about her first time meeting Anita and Maje in a Barcelos Lagos on confrontation Maje said and I quote “His response shocked me. “You’re the wife, she’s the girlfriend. It’s high time you started behaving like my wife; she’s just a girl.”

9. In Roller Coaster she talks about travelling to the UK to start her life afresh after she broke up with Maje for the Umpteenth time. After some months she got back with Maje and she talks about how nice everything was until she met Maje’s mother when she was sick, the woman prayed and said “God would give you your own husband”. 

10. She talks about how she found out that Maje had a child by another woman named Crystal. She talks about how much she sacrificed and all the things she did to please Maje. At the end she says the book is not to support divorce but about learning, growing and forgiveness.

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