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As a fashion forward modern woman you know the foundation of a worthy closet starts with a classic piece and ends with a classic piece but this shouldn’t define you or put you in a box, at least once in a while your closet has to be freshened up with trending but essential pieces. Here is a list of fashion essentials that are worth every penny and this are the items i think every woman who is in love with fashion and style should have in her closet;

Sleek Blazer

There’s so much a sleek blazer can do for you, its that versatile and you can surely maximize it, there are different cuts and fits so find the one that suits you.



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Cool Culottes

Culottes are here to stay, they are amazingly comfy and they are guaranteed to make you look trendier and in sync with the fashion world.


The Pussy Blouse (Bow Tie Blouse)

This is a much more romantic upgrade than the plain shirt, its on the edge between a men’s wear and something fit for the ladies. Its cheeky and its a wardrobe staple.


Re-styled Diamond Rings

Asides from the fact that diamonds are a girls best friend they also last forever so this is per harps the safest thing to splurge on because of its value and besides diamond rings are just so delicious to look at but since you don’t want too much attention then go for a style and cut that is so simple but stunning.

Nude Nail Polish

The red nail polish is the most famous color but its time to retire it (at least for a while) and go for the nude nail polish color.


Chic Tee

I once talked about ways to style a plain white tee shirt but there are also chic and everyday tee’s that are a stylish woman’s must have .

Laced Up Flats

At first I wasn’t feeling this look but then I figured why not and its amazingly different from normal ballet flats, Yawn, ordinary. Be extraordinary with this flats.



The Camel Coat

First I have to say you are not restricted by your environment, you might decide to visit some other country that’s much more colder than this parts and one thing that would keep you warm and fashionable is a coat but at this time, the camel coat is what’s in vogue and this is because the neutral hue is minimalist and stylish at the same time.



Flared Denim

This look has come back cooler better and finer and I love me some flared denim. It also has a way of accentuating the right parts and it fits everyone.



Shoulder Bag

By all means please, the shoulder bags are so important that you never know until you need them, so a preppy saddle bag or the box type would be fine, there’s nothing wrong in having the best of both worlds.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

This are my list of fashion essentials that are worth every penny, do yo have any to add leave in the comment box below.

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