Hey Divas,

Looking through your budget and you realized you are going way out of it especially the decoration cost seems very high. Why call someone else to do your wedding decor when you can as well do your wedding decor yourself and this can actually help reduce cost. But not too fast bride-to-be, here are 10 commandments you need to obey before you go ahead.

Winter theme decor

Winter theme decor

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Thou shalt:

  • Decide on the Wedding theme: Before embarking on this project, decide and edit your project list to suit your theme. Whatever the wedding theme is will determine the materials needed.
  • Overestimate the time required for the DIY decor: Remember you are the bride and you’ve got limited time as few days to your big day, you are suppose to be relaxed and not stressed.
  • Be realistic with your skill level: You probably saw a wedding decor online and the pictures are not a true representation of what yours will turn out as. Be realistic with yourself for a very simple and nice decor.
  • Commit to only DIY decor you can finish before your big day: Pick and choose what DIY decor you can finish within limited time and buy only the necessary things.
  • Don’t spend more on DIY than it will cost for the finished product: Spending more on DIY than finished product? DIY is to save money not to spend more, weigh the two options carefully before going ahead.
  • Accept help from family and friends: This will give you more time to focus on wedding preparation while they focus on that side for you.
  • Draw any line on time-consuming other DIYs: If other DIY projects will require your time and attention, assign to other people.
  • Personalise when appropriate: Adjust the DIY to your taste, one  advantage of DIY is the personal touch. Change colour, skip a beading…it’s your wedding
  • Know when to stop trying: If it isn’t working know when to throw in the towel and move on. You have so much preparing to do than stick with one that isn’t working.
  • Accept your imperfections: DIYs are handmade and will surely have imperfections. Don’t focus on them, dwell on the love and trust that your guest would probably not notice the faults as you do.

These steps will help save time and regret coupled with stress

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