Not every bride likes to be pulled and tugged and not every bride can afford to get a makeup artiste. Doing your own makeup is good for two reasons, its cheaper and you know your features better than anyone else. The day of your wedding is going to enter the books as one of the busiest days of your life and doing your own makeup can be a bit intimidating and frustrating but if you are determined to said through this 10 clever tips for brides would help you achieve this;


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  1. If you love make up then you must have found products that match your skin tone already this simply means you don’t have to spend money to buy new cosmetics.
  2. Practice makeup before your big day, one or two trials per day is what you need you can also make sure to take pictures this way you can tell if your makeup would photograph well.
  3. Make sure you look for products that are long lasting, long wear and water proof because you would need to have your makeup on all day long. products with SPF, anti-aging concealers, HD powders would give your face a white cast in the photograph.
  4. Give yourself a lot of time when making p on your big day so you won’t feel rushed and make sure you moisturize your face before you start.
  5. Both face, eye shadow and lip primer are essential on your big day because they would keep evey thing in shape, avoid silicone based primers on your big day.
  6. For a soft non cakey finish, apply your foundation with a damp sponge this would thin out the matte finish of the product and give you a more natural look.
  7. Use a foundation and concealer that is a true match to your skin tone and blend in your foundation and contour making sure there are no harsh lines found, also avoid blending to your neck if its lighter than your face.
  8. For your big day, your eye shadow application should look much more amped but don’t do in such a way that you look totally unrecognizable. Keep most of your makeup natural except the eyelashes.
  9. Use a highlighter to achieve the perfect glow, a creamy one would do and finish off with a translucent powder to reduce the shine. Make sure most of your makeup is matte.
  10. For the final touch, avoid glossy lip product, remember to makeup or conceal smudges and pots on your body and finish your work with a finishing spray.

This 10 Clever tips for brides who want to do their own makeup is what you need for your big day.

What do you think ladies? Did this tips help you or not? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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