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What feeling do you get when you see a beautiful picture? What does in it evoke in your mind? Well we hope after you’ve gone through this post, you would have enough to say about what you’ve seen in the comment section.

A quick tale; as part of my job, I venture into social media to find new things and I come across a lot, some that concern me and many others that don’t. You see, as part of what I do it is completely normal to go through lot’s of jump before you find that diamond in the rut and this doesn’t necessary happen everyday. However today I’ve found that diamond and it happened to be on the pages od different creatives that would be tagged under each image.

Everyone who knows me, know that I absolutely love anything African, I’d like to say am the continents biggest supported because I just can’t go without sharing everything that inspired me about Africa; from the culture, the environment, the beauty, the people etc and so when I come across a page that promotes the continent in the most breath taking way trust and believe I would always (like I have) share it’s content.

I want you all to take a look at the beauty of the African continent through picture’s…

 What It Means To Celebrate Black


Hello World






@mkamaraofficial x @mamuokamara





These picture’s are truly beyond breath-taking and they show you how to be happy and what it means to celebrate black. If you are proud of the continent and you are proud of your darker tone, seeing these picture’s must have made you feel emotional. And yes, I am glad that I could share this discovery with you.

Be Inspired!

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