Your aso ebi style says a lot about you, it tells a story even before you open your mouth to speak, what story it tells all depends on you. A story can go both ways. sweet or sour. This Friday we decided to find 10 of the best aso ebi styles we saw this week, you don’t have to worry about what these styles say, you would clearly see how divine they are;

Now scroll through and pick out the style you like from these best aso ebi styles collection…

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@towyeen lovely








Having the right tailor is very important, its a cautionary tale that we like to tell always because we don’t want you looking like a sack of potatoes. The right tailor would bring the designs you’ve chosen to life, not cuts or details missing and so, if your tailor is not tested but not trusted then you need to find yourself a new one.

Don’t forget that your choice of style is very important, you have to go with something that you are most comfortable with, this way you would be able to carry it with swag.

I hope you’ve found that aso ebi style that defines you, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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