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Many of you are skeptical about beauty hacks because you don’t know which one would work or which one wouldn’t so you’ve decided to stare clear off beauty hacks because you just can’t be bothered to try them out but remember beauty hacks make your life so much easier so without further ado here are 10 beauty hacks that actually work according to popular vlogger Jenny Jenkins.

1. Dry shampoo sprayed on hair gives it a fuller look and it also gets rid of the oily base.

2. To get an extra sheen look on your legs use a sheen hairspray its guaranteed to make your legs shinier.

3. You can use eye-shadows instead if you’ve run out of highlights but make sure the eye-shadow has a shine.

4. Perfumes fade away easily and that’s annoying so to make it last longer apply a little bit of Vaseline in specific areas and the spray your perfume. Because of the oily base your perfumes would last longer.

5. Now if you run out of shaving cream you can substitute it with a hair conditioner.

6. There are also some perfumes you can use as a substitute for nail polish remover make sure not to use the expensive ones though.

7. If you are not so good in applying nail eyelashes then there is an easier way to do it, just get a bobby pin and apply a small amount on the end and then apply on the lashes strip.

8. For your foundation to set in better instead of wiping powder all around simply pat it instead, that way it last longer.

9. Now if you have white sneakers and its dirty but there’s no time to wash, apply nail polish to the dirty parts and the stains would come off easily.

10. You can get rid of clumpy dry nail polish with nail polish remover. Just pour a little into a bottle of dry nail polish and it would dissolve (I do this a lot).

Here is the video Jenny Jenkins trying out each Hack.


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