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You all can understand what it’s like to be an adult Female these days, the hustle is real when it comes to beauty and skin care. We spend hundreds of Naira (or whatever currency you use) on the best high end skin and beauty products. It has become a norm because we want our skin to look great so while our bathrooms are filling up with all types of products our bank account is dwindling.

Beauty Nature

Beauty Nature

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Why should our bank account surfer because we want to maintain a glowing and healthy skin? This question has been asked time and time again and only a few have found a solution to their problem. We all have to admit that getting the best for our skin and beauty care is of utmost importance but have we stopped to think about the fact that many of this products that we amass are simply wasteful and unnecessary? I guess not so here is your answer, below is listed the 10 basic beauty products every girl should own, you don’t need the latest of everything this few things should do;


Beauty Products

  1. Refined Coconut Oil: We always talk about the importance of coconut oil and that’s because you can use it for literally anything, I’ve been using it for a while now and I absolutely love how my skin looks. Other things you can use this natural beauty product for includes, makeup wipe, moisturizer, toner, base-for perfume etc.
  2. Castile Soap: This vegetable or olive oil based soap is great for the skin and it doubles as everything, shampoo or even bathroom cleaner.
  3. Essential Oils: This counts as more than one item but you should have a host of this natural beauty oils in your bathroom. Some of the oils you should have is tea tree oil (which is very good for acne and blemishes) and some mix like  Peppermint mixed with water, Tea tree mixed with lemon, lavender etc.
  4. BB cream: This is a new product that stands for blemishes base, they are tinted moisturizers and they are necessary.
  5. Brow Dip or Grooming Cream: Since looking like the early men is not an option this is a necessity to get those stubborn brows in check.
  6. Powder Palette: So instead of buying a separate powder, highlighter, contour, blush and setting powder buy a palette with all of them in one.
  7. Eyeliner: Eyeliners are basic, they give your face the lift that it needs so its a beauty essential
  8. Mascara: Just like Eyeliner having a mascara is just as important.
  9. Lipstick/lip liner/lip balm: This three beauty products are important in this time, one to freshen the lips (lip balm) and the other to keep you in trend.
  10. Dry Shampoo: Very Important.

The reason why you need to reduce the amount of beauty products is not only for your bank you also find that it reduces the time you spend prepping every money.

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