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What are the essentials at every and any traditional/native ceremony in Nigeria? There’s just a single answer to this question and that’s the aso ebi package. There’s no ceremony that doesn’t have the aso ebi package, as far as its a ceremony that has to do with our traditions the aso ebi package is immediately made available.

The aso ebi culture is a fascinating tradition that has reached the helms of all the tribes in Nigeria; Its nothing short of amazing how we have somehow encompassed this tradition tribal-ly and now we’ve presented it to the world in such a sensational form.

The beauty of this culture is impressive, the trend is followed religiously by Nigerians both home and abroad… It has become a form of showing one’s fashion craft, prowess and also for those in diaspora its a way to remain akin to their cultural norms.

“The fashionable woman wears cloth, the clothes don’t wear her” Mary Quant

This quote is something that many Nigerian women put in mind when they are hunting for the perfect style that would go well with their aso ebi fabric. The thing about aso ebi fabric is the fact that it is not unique to just the one person, however there is the window to make the styles that are unique to your personality.

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration that would launch them into making the right style choice and this is where these standout pieces come into lay;


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Be Inspired!!!

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