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I was discussing with some colleagues in the office recently on the issue of disclosing your remuneration details to your girlfriend or boyfriend and if after that disclosure they would be willing to part with half and I got several response, I decided to post it on our Instagram page @madivasmag and surprisingly it was a contest as some people replied with capital letter NO and some said YES.


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One of all the comments I got was that when you tell people especially your family members your salary details you may become the designated father Christmas, and some will go ahead and plan how your money will be spent even before you receive the money. When you tell your friends some may feel jealous and have this feeling of inferiority or superiority complex and you will be judged by everything you spend and don’t spend your money on.

But wait a minute why is there always controversy concerning financial commitment in most relationships? Ladies always want a man to pay the whole bills even if he is suffering, Come to think of it are we married or dating an ATM machine? I am flabbergasted by the replies I get from women who scold their fellow women for assisting their partners with the household expenses. I personally believe that the amount of happiness in a relationship depends on the level of compassion between the partners and not the level to which one is trying to fulfill the needs of the other. Though some ladies have really gone through a lot for some guys including paying bills and taking care of house necessities but they end up been f**k*d up, that’s why many have learnt their lessons and they always try not to fall a victim the second time. While there are also guys who feel ladies are covetous, in their minds they believe many ladies will love you when your pocket is full and when you run out of cash they leave you penniless and go for a the next guy with cash. No guy would want to go through such that is why they sometimes refuse to disclose their remuneration details to their girlfriends to avoid sharing it in half or parting with a chunk, but trust me you shouldn’t predict your new found relationship as your previous.

I will ask what are your reasons for your yes or no? Is it advice-able to share your salary with your spouse? share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment box below.

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