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A lot of us are certainly not sport buffs, but keeping fit is an essential if we want to stay healthy; daily squats, routine running and jugging is of the essence, with that said we also have to look good, its no crime to look good when breaking a sweat so the question is what do you need in your work out kit? and how can you maintain a fashionable look while heading to the gym?

Keeping fit is definitely hard work as you need to subject your body to rigorous workouts and physical stress. Even though working out might not be glamorous once you get down to it you still need to maintain a fashionable appearance. Here are some fashion tips that would help you maintain the trendiest look.

  1.  Add flare to your work out attire by opting for unique and colorful tops instead of the normal plain and dry Tee shirts which although are great workout clothes don’t seem to add life or spark to a work out look.
  2. Off shoulder tee’s can be sexy and fashionable and it gives the space and freedom you require for movement. This is certainly a great workout choice.
  3. Instead of the normal sport bra you can opt for crop tops instead that is if you enjoy flaunting your tummy. Crop tops are stylish and sexy and a great look when you heading to the gym.
  4. Go for bright and splashy colors rather than white grey or black if you want to be different, orange pink and neon colors are a good pick for top and bottom choices, also with shoes. Colors help to remain sharp, you can stick to your favorite color.
  5. If you want to maintain your fashionista status you can show off your legs with stylish, cute and comfortable shorts perfect for running and jogging, go for colorful shorts instead of the classic bottom work-out pants.

Remember don’t just go for super stylish workout outfits only be practical and opt for stylish with comfort after all you are working out and the best way to focus on your trip on fitness lane is to be really comfortable in your clothing.

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Remember to pack up your headphones, water bottle, face towel and every other item that would make your trip to the gym really exciting.

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