What is on your wishlist for valentine’s day?

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So still in the season of love, and a day more to Valentine’s Day. A day like no other and celebrating love should be made as special as possible, regardless of if you have Bobo or not. But quickly for those without Boo, self-love is also sweet, give yourself a special treat.

And for the lovers out there, being in love is amazing and so therefore show appreciation to the lover this valentine.

For the ladies, start your man’s day off with a breakfast in bed treat or the men could do us ladies the surprise meal, let’s see how well you cook..lol, but doesn’t have to be an heavy meal o, something simple and serve with a forehead head kiss or a teaser kiss, you know that kiss that just shows deep affection for bae. Share a laugh together, make memories.


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Ok, we all still want that gift, something. The ladies most especially so now quickly to the gift ideas, for  the sweet heart mushy ladies, try gifting her with a cute big teddy bear and chocolates, lots of chocolates or a perfume collection, a spa day out, jewelry, clothing. Women have so many options…yay! Lol. And for the men, hmmn! Try gifting him with a lovely men’s watch and boxers or do tell us what’s on your valentine wishlist.

Just make sure to keep your day special however or whatever keeps the love coming, leave the room open for surprises too. And ladies nevertheless don’t forget to tension a nigga in that $3xy red dress…lol…Happy Valentine’s Day in a bit… 🙂

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