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As we all know our manicure and pedicure is just as important as what we wear. There are several, probably a million and one manicure and pedicure colors out their but one of the most favored color is the red color because of its beautiful and delicate shades and also its many variants are among the most impressive in the shine department.

The red color is suitable for both everyday look and for special occasion or event, it is subtle and can be combined with almost all other colors. The red color makes an impression and is not pretentious.

The red wine color can be achieved easily at home and does not require daily maintenance. wine red has certainly become a favorite and will remain so for quite a while. fashion experts have also recommended that every woman should find out what shade of red suits her most, which matches the hair, eyes and skin tone. Although this task of finding the right color is going to take time, once you find it , it is best to stick to it. a good combination for the red color is red gray and red-dark blue.

Therefore go with the color of the season(wine red) and pair with great nail art designs or you can just leave it classic. Here are some wine red nail art that would inspire your trip to the salon for a mani/pedi this week.

Classic Wine Red

Hello World

Gold Star Art


French Art


Sprinkle Art


Candy Strip Art


Red and Black Valentine Art


Red And Black Nail Art


Lady Bird Art

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