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Hey everyone,

I hope you’re having a great day like i am, I’m going to be discussing Wigs which i totally love and guess what?as I’m writing this post, i am wearing a wig (lol).

short curly wig

Hello World

Gone were the days when wigs were worn by our Grandmothers and mothers because most people saw it as a basic necessity for the elderly, now wigs are worn by both the old and young. Different styles and patterns have emerged over the years and it is a really cool fashion item we should all have. Wigs are a must have because as a lady once in a while you might end up having a bad hair day and you don’t want to go through all the stress of having to go the saloon or calling up your stylist, once this happens, you just put on your wig and you are good to go.

With wigs, you can be totally be stylish and go out of the norm by changing your looks. You might have on a blonde short curly wig today the next day a purple bohemian wig and so on.Its so fun when you have the opportunity to do this and without restriction.

Wig is a must have because it helps save a lot of money, at a point in our lives we may not have sufficient money to buy a new weave or to make the weave.When this happens, you go to your wig collection and pick out the one you’ll need.Wigs also help in saving us from a lot of stress and time that comes from going to the saloon to get your hair done. These days, saloons are usually populated with a lot of ladies, most of us can’t go through this stress and that is why you need a wig.


I know picking the perfect wig can be very stressful, so here certain tips you should consider when getting a wig:

  • You should consider the shape of your face.Don’t get a certain wig because you saw one celebrity wear it, the celebrity might have an entirely different shape of face that differs from yours.Getting the right wig that goes with your face shape is one tip you should first consider when getting a new wig.
  • The style of the wig should also be considered.There are several kinds of wigs which include curly wigs,bob wigs, lace wigs and a lot more.opt for a style that complements your face, also make sure you pick a wig that you can maintain because some wigs styles are very complicated and hard to maintain.
  • Also consider the color of the wigs because the way the wig look is important, it can either make or break your face so choose a color that best complements your skin tone.

I hope we all get the perfect wigs that would be very useful to us at every given time.

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Have a great day.Thonia


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