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Hey everyone,

Hope you all are doing great, Do you know lemon is very nutritious? There are many reasons you should be drinking lemon water in the morning. Asides from the fact that lemon contains many nutrients, It is very healthy and helps the body in a very great way. It doesn’t take so much to prepare a lemon water, all you need is just the lemon and a cup of water and you’re good to go.



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Here are several reasons why you should have lemon water in the morning:

  • Digestion process: Drinking lemon water in the morning helps the digestive system because it helps to eliminate all unwanted products in the body. Some days we might wake up with diarrhea or indigestion, the solution is to drink lemon water and you’ll be pain free.
  • Weight loss: Lemon is a great remedy to lose all wanted fat in the body. That is not to say you won’t continue your basic workout routine. Exercise regularly and drink lemon water in the morning and you’ll see the desired results.
  • Makes the skin beautiful: Lemon are very rich in vitamin c which helps to enhance your skin making it fresh and beautiful. Want your skin to glow more than it is? Drink lemon water every morning for best results.
  • Energy booster: I don’t know if this happens to me alone or everyone wakes up weak sometimes. To avoid this from happening regularly, make a cup of lemon water and you’ll be energized instantly.
  • Helps to have fresh breath: Lemon helps for fresher breaths and also to heal tooth pain. I advise you brush your teeth first before drinking lemon water or wait some minutes to brush after drinking the water. So if you have bad breaths, drink lemon water regularly for fast solutions.

The importance of lemon water is so  because of the great nutrients it contains. Drink lemon water every morning and see great effects. Healthy living is very imporant.

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Have a great day. xoxo Thonia

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