Who Wore It Best? Print Dress, Flared Skirt…

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Hey Ladies

Who wore it best? it that time when we require your expert eyes to see who worked a particular outfit better.

Below we have an array of gorgeous ladies wearing  very similar, or the same outfits, but working them differently.


This picture blew my mind, @iamnimi and @kelechic are rocking matching Paris print long sleeved pleated flare knee length gown, matching black patent pumps even the hairstyle matches except that @iamnimi’s (picture 1) side pattern look has full loose waves compared to @kelechik’s (picture 2) side pattern full curls. They look like twins,can you tell the difference who do you think this look suits best?

Print Dress

Print Dress

Hello World

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Orange Glam

This two ladies rock matching orange loose high waist floor length pants, that are absolutely fab. Lady 1 pairs hers with a shimmering metallic thin strap blouse and multiple colored clutch while Lady 2 pairs hers with a mono strap artsy print top with a lovely deep orange belt, gold cuffs  and necklace and a suede deep orange clutch. Who wore it best?

Yellow Pant

Orange Pant

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Dazzling Pink

This time kelechic battles it out with busayo. Both gorgeous ladies wear pretty similar pink pleated flared skirt although Kelechic’s         ( picture 1) pink skirt is a little longer and she pairs hers with a blue shirt, gold chain necklace and black patent pumps. While Busayo’s (picture 2 ) skirt is shorter and she pairs hers with a green shirt, similar design to kelechic’s only a different color, she finishes off with a gold belt, ysl vintage gold earrings, a gold clutch and gold spike pumps. They both look lovely but who do you thing rocked this outfit best?

Flared Skirt

Flared Skirt

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