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If you have been opportuned to be in love, you will know that it is never a smooth ride. Every love has it’s own fair share of ups and downs and it can make you feel like it’s impossible for you to contain your happiness, but in the blink of an eye it can leave you feeling completely broken inside. Love can be confusing and random but it can actually be classified into 5 definite stages, continue reading if you want to understand love better or you want to clear the feelings you are experiencing or you want to find out if your relationship has completed the 5 stages of love;


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1. Falling In Love

Falling in love will not only bring positive change in your mood and make you appreciate the little things in life, but it can also make you want to be the best person and to be likeable. All the changes will not be seen in a dramatic way, but you will feel them. You will feel your heart pounding when you see this person, your confidence vibrating and your wish to be seen by them only. When you are in love you will work on yourself every minute of the day and eventually leave behind the things they do not like for the exclusive reason of falling in love. If this sounds familiar, you have entered the very first stage of love.

2. Coming Closer As A Couple

In this stage, your love starts to grow and you feel the initial excitement, laughs and romance gradually emerging into a deeper and more meaningful connection. The things you used to do alone now involves them too, this new person has taken over your life, they are in your thoughts, dreams and your everyday life. This stage can be the best stage of falling in love, it is a stage where couples decide to move in together or even get married. It is the stage where both partners are sure about everything and feel that the love will definitely last a lifetime.

3. Getting Enlightened

This is a stage where you feel like things is starting to fall apart and where everything about the relationship starts to feel wrong without specific reason. In this stage you discover each other’s flaws and our minds unconsciously concentrate on the flaws making us even more of an unpleasant partner. This phase will be replaced if the two people involve have the heart for it, the only way to survive this stage is if the partners love each othat enough to know the difference and respect them. Though this stage is not easy, very few couple have the potential to pass this stage but when they do their relationship gets even more stronger and love each other more than ever before.

4. Working On A True And Lasting Love

This stage starts when you are able to figure out the cause of all the conflict and pain in your relationship and you both work together to resolve the issues. This stage is if you want to work on building a true and lasting love, it is necessary to help each other grow, leave all your fears behind and help each other heal all your past wounds. You will feel all the love and passion starts to enter your relationship again once the healing process starts for both of you. This stage is when the rough and doubtful times are over and you would have learnt what love actually means.

5. Taking On The World With Your Love

This is the final stage of happiness when you have found and built a true and lasting love with your partner. It is a stage where no amount of negativity and no amout of stress can ever bring you down because the only thing that truely matters is the fact that you will always have this one amazing person by your side. This is the first and happiest stage of a strong and healthy relationship, it teaches you how every problem can be dealt with and every hindrance cleared off with the power of love.


What stage of love are you in currently? Share with us below.

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