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Do you have that friend that does not need an excuse to pick a fight with you or other women in her deficiency setting? This friend seems to be at war with the world and you are one of the few that actually knows her good side and you are anxious that majority of the people around you will also see you as a hater. Well you don’t have to be scared or afraid to go around with that friend and keep the relationship. Here are some tips to keep your relationship with that person and the world free from venom.

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1. Share sob stories with her

Most times people who hate on others do it because they feel the lives of others seem more perfect than theirs so sharing a sob story about what people around you have experienced will show them not to compare themselves with others and it can also make them thankful for what they have and what they have become.

2. Do not praise her

It’s normal to feel happy and get off when we hear that we are better than some other women and your friend subconsciously knows she has your approval when she tears down a friend you don’t really care for. Granting her those defense would make controlling her activities more harder.

3. Oppose any kind of misbehavior in public

If she starts talking point blank about someone in public or wants to pick a fight, you need to let her know equivocally but in certain terms that there are things you do not approve and that is certainly not the time and place. You do not need to be quiet for fear of offending her because for her to have stayed friends with you for so long, she values your opinion.

4. Emanate actual strength

Let this one person see the good in others by deliberately saying cordial and kind words about other people especially the ones she hates on. Point out the good in her so that she realizes that one woman’s beauty doesn’t in any way diminish the beauty of another.

5. Show her how to pick her battles

Do your research so that you can have a compelling argument with her and give her real life examples of how wars were won without confrontation. Teach her ways to delay gratification and defuse temper tantrums, one day she would thank you for it.

They say show me your friend and i will tell you who you are.

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