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I can tell you am not feeling the weather at all, normally this time of the year its a bit dry, hot and cold at the same time. This weather conditions mesmerize you in a way that you can’t hate it but as of today it doesn’t look like the cold part of the trio group is anywhere to be found as the whole atmosphere is hot and dry and many of us are super uncomfortable.

Comfort to me is key and anything that would make me uncomfortable would have to take a back seat. The whether has pushed me back to some of my outfits that are a bit loose and this got me thinking what else should I avoid for now at least till the cold kicks in and so I’ve decided to share the guide on what you should avoid wearing when its hot, I think you stand to gain a lot if you just skip some of these items;


Hello World

When its hot the rings you wear on a daily basis wouldn’t seem so cute anymore and this is because hot weather makes your hands swell so its best to skip this one.

Gold rings


Thin strap sandals are especially uncomfortable when its hot, the straps begin to sink into your flesh and trust me that feeling is not pretty so as usual, do not go for these once its really hot.



Personally I don’t like silk, I try to avoid it but for those of you that can’t do without this fabric I suggest you hand it up somewhere because the fabric ranks the lowest for breathable and absorption. When its hot it makes you feel restricted and uncomfortable as you can feel the sweat trickling down your body.

Rihanna in Silk & Fur

Rihanna in Silk & Fur


Jeans are my favorite but when its hot its always better to for go your too tight jeans and opt for a more forgiving one because if you don’t trust me you would be super uncomfortable the rest of the day.




No matter how much you love grey or black its always better for you to avoid this colors because they absorb heat and asides that a grey sweat shirt is the quickest way to show off sweat lines.

Gray or Black

Gray or Black

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