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Today we are taking on a very tough one. The question is what would you do if another woman is pregnant for your husband? Women will say God forbid it! But it could happen to any body, most women have absolute trust in their spouses that they cannot just imagine such a scenario happening. Everyone wants to boast that their spouse would never do such a thing to them, For those that have experienced it, It was the greatest shock of their life and they never had the slightest idea that their spouse was cheating on them. We posted it on our instagram page @madivasmag here are some of the comments;


Hello World

Your spouse comes back home and tell’s you that another woman is pregnant for him, He is sorry, He is full of remorse and feels bad about what happened, The pregnant woman on the other hand is bent on having the baby. First of all you know he slept with her most likely more than once and he enjoyed it at the same time he claim he loved you, his wife. Its so unforgivable the thought alone will drive any woman crazy.

Lets turn it the other way round. A man finds out that his wife has been having an affair with another man and not been pregnant ooo, The first thing that will come to his mind is to get rid of her. Some men won’t even listen to any explanation but why can’t a woman do the same?

The truth is for some women the fear of what people would say will be utmost in their minds. They don’t care how they feel but how much of a fool they would look like before the whole world. For most women if no one knew about it, they could help their husband conceal it and live with it. Does that make sense? One woman I interacted with said if she finds out that her husband got another woman pregnant she would never give her husband up for that, She will only make him realise the gravity of what his actions will cause them and the children in future. That she cannot allow one woman come and destroy what she and her husband has built over the years but the other woman will have to contend with taking care of her child herself and she will make sure her husband fullfil his responsibility to that child but only through her. The only condition she will give him is he must never see the woman or any other woman again and that ends the story. While the other woman i interected with said there is no way she would remain in such marriage, Every time she sees him she would be reminded that he betrayed her and if she was to be in such situation he won’t forgive her not to talk of accepting her, so she will get rid of him and move on instead of allowing the man turn her into a nervous wreck. We went further to post this on our Facebook page here are some of the comments


Like I said, It’s really a tough one, It is all about the mindset, All about our orientation and the way we were raised especially as africans.

Different strokes for different folks, This is a question we are throwing to you. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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