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First things first its cold, dry foggy or misty in almost every country in the world which should make your travel choices pretty straight. There are certainly some travel essentials that you most certainly cannot do without but when it comes to what to pack your vacation box has to be like a travel capsule, you have to clearly and distinctively envision what you would need.

The first key to travelling is “Travel Light” whether you plan on shopping or not (travelling bags are quite cumbersome anyways) so you have to determine what travel outfits to pack for the holidays and this is essentially a tough choice because trying to determine what travel outfits to pack for the holidays can be a head spinning task (we always want to pack at least half of the things in our closet) due to indecisiveness.


Due to the whether condition that we find ourselves in, its only natural to pack our scarves, cardigan, sweaters, leggings and long under-wears, comfy and warm sleeping clothes (no lingerie needed or else your room is well heated if not you can only snooze in a comfy pajamas).

The Layering technique is of the essence this season so carry a few heavy clothes and top it off with light weight clothes. Also remember to bring in a few technical clothing ( for example if you plan on going ice skating or dancing etc). At the very most your clothing should be at least one weeks worth but with the way its packed and handles you can maximize it.

Remember to research your destination, what culture or what clothes you would need. If you are just heading to your village then that would be a bit easier because you mentally know what to carry; all in all, don’t forget the basics.

Here is a pictogram of what you can wear doing this weather.



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Don’t forget your important accessories and jewelries though. Remember from this trip you can set notes and reflect on how to make things better during your next trip.

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