What to wear to Church: English Wears Edition

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We had initially talked about what to wear to church here.  But we just want you to decide what you think is best from our array of choices.

Every day we are constantly at questions and choices of what to wear and since a week comprises mostly of work days, Monday through to Fridays, and having just Saturday to chill out basically, Sunday fashion might look like we could just get an easy pass with that but Nopes!. Just like the saying goes thus ‘’Fashion never sleeps’’.

Wearing nicely tailored native attire always seems to be the trend when it comes to Sunday wears but today we would like to mix it up and try English wears to church. We do know working can get a bit monotonous and stressful but looking good, trendy and stylish shouldn’t. So with that in mind, here are a few English wears we thought looked fab and you could also try out wearing to church.

Wearing pants to church may be frowned upon by some churches or parishes and if your church falls under that category, stick to a skirt or a dress. Free flowing gowns are an easy church fashion wear, for skirts you could try wearing a midi type of skirt or frilled long skirt, No body-cons, decency and moderation to the house of God is essential. Stay beautiful, Stay fashionable.


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