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Hey Divas,

Brides almost always tend to forget that even though it’s their wedding and their wedding gown is a one in a lifetime dress, their bridesmaid dresses should be more conventional to enable them wear again and again. But since it’s their beautiful wedding day, everything has to evolve around them and they should probably get everything they want, just the way they want it.

As it happens that you are always a bridesmaid for your friends, many a time you are saddled with so many bridesmaid dresses which you know deep down within you that you might never be able to wear again. You often wonder what will become of those dresses that costed you a fortune. We sought to find alternative uses for these bridesmaid dresses than for them to just be hanging back in our wardrobe.


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No matter the styles of the dresses, there is more than one way for you to use and turn it into something you love. Below are 5 ways to put your bridesmaid dresses to better and alternative uses…

  • Shorten it: Having that dress shortened by a tailor can also change the look of the dress, turning it into a summer dress for your next vacation.
  • Wear a T-shirt underneath it: Toughen up your formal dress by wearing a tee shirt underneath it, its the latest street style trend and its fun.
  • Pair it with casual shoes: Opt for simple casual shoes with your formal dress to appear more casual.
  • Wear it to work: Slip on your formal dress with a classic blazer, sleek pumps and a polished handbag for a workplace look.
  • Repeat it at a wedding: Style that stunning dress with light accessories or nude pumps and wear it to a wedding when you are  a wedding guest.

Share with us in the comment box how many bridesmaid dresses you have and what better way have you put them to use. 

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