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The hair should be pampered, but relaxed hair requires even greater care, it requires special treatment due to its processed nature. Relaxing the hair may cause hair to become brittle, dry and damaged. Hair burns from chemical relaxer after relaxing is quite common most especially when you haven’t tried the relaxer before or your hair undergrowth is not ready to be relaxed. Chemical relaxer burns can vary in their degree of severity, leaving you with scars, bald patches and infections if they aren’t treated properly.


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To avoid chemical relaxer burns, it is better to rinse off the relaxer immediately you start feeling the tingling sensation. To ease the chemical burns after having relaxed your hair, you should:

  • Wash the burnt area thoroughly with water and a neutralizing shampoo to prevent further burns. Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly leaving no trace of the relaxer on your hair for those who felt the burns while relaxing.
  • You may apply Vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera gel to the burn to calm redness and irritation. This would soothe and soften the burns while preventing hyper pigmentation and enhancing speedy healing.
  • Another step is to debride the wound by removing loose hairs. Carefully remove dead hair around burnt area.
  • You can, apply an antibacterial ointment to the wound to speed up healing and reduce chances of infection.
  • Constantly apply hair cream to the spot to make it easier to remove the dead hair and grow a nice natural hair.

While correctly relaxing the hair and properly caring for hair with protein and moisturizing treatments afterwards can help reverse any damage caused, those simple tips above will help you ease the damage the burns can cause (that is if applied early enough) to your hair. It is an effective approach to easing the burns caused after relaxing.

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