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Hello World


Good morning.Am in my average 20’s, I met a guy in school last two years we are very close to each other to the extend I know everything about his family and his personal life, write his text for him if his not around, submit his assignment, eat together, go out together, go to his mother place, give me money to pay for his textbools in school and even fed me at times when am stranded. The way he speaks tells’ that he’s in love but as not propose to me. Should I ask him what he have in mind for me or I should stay carm till he express him self

Dear Sister,

If he also feels the same, in my opinion he would tell you, if you notice he is a shy person you can try to pop things that might make him spill his feeling, but do not go out saying it yet. Hold on and watch him and his acts and try to understand if he sees you as a good friend or a girlfriend, am sure you would not like to tell him how you feel and hear him reply telling you he takes you as a friend, so just hold on and try cajoling him to say what he feels while you remain a good friend.


We having been dating for 1 years and some month, he hardly calls.,text. infact I dnt really understand him and I love him so much. It been like 5 month we see each other, we only call and chat on  social  network. We he promise something he does fulfill it. he hasn’t bought any gift for me. Pls I need your advice to know if I should continue with this relationship because am tired  

Dear Sister,

In every relationship communication is key, it would be a very good idea to talk to him and express yourself, tell him how you feel and how you would be happier if things change. If after expressing yourself he does not change or he bluffs you off then it would be better you move on as his behavior might be as a result of him not being interested and looking for a way to slide out of the relationship. In all, understand that your happiness is key and do what you have to do to be happy.


Good evening ma, I am 24 and I have this guy am going out with he promise to marry me but the problem I have with him is that is so difficult to understand He doesn’t spend on me, he’s too sting to give but he always saying that he loves me because of this I broke up with and he came asking for my forgiveness I refused but he keep on coming am afraid because he might still not be change, I don’t what if we get marry tomorrow and he’s still in this the same way, I have plan to live on my life but he’s still on my mind, please Ma what should I do?

Dear Sister,

I personally believe that you cant love someone and be stingy to that person, to me love goes hand in hand with giving, but then it is important you ask yourself what you really mean about him being stingy because some people would be asking a guy who makes 50,000 a month for 100k where do you want him to get that from? I just think you should ask yourself that first.

Communication can never be over emphasized talk to him, express yourself, you do not have to raise your voice express yourself in a calm and cool way. If after doing this he does not change then maybe you should ask yourself if you can deal with a stingy person.

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