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In Africa in many occasions when an individual decides to take a marriage step, many investigations are done and parents go the extra mile to unravel all the details of the person who you have chosen to marry. Sometimes African parents even take the extra mile of taking the spouses picture to a religious leader

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to pray and confirm if that spouse is the right person chosen by “God” for the child.

I heard a story recently which led my writing this article. This girl’s parent told her to break her engagement with boo because the mother’s pastor saw in a vision after praying regarding this that the man is not her husband. The dude in question here is not a stranger to her immediate family and even some of her extended family, he knows a lot of her family members and they know him also. They have been together for a while and during the courtship, he faced no hostility whatsoever from them, as they welcomed him with all hospitality and love. Dude popped the question and girl accepted with all joy and happiness only for her mum to drop the bombshell, of how her pastor says the dude is not the husband for her, months later as the wedding preparation is earnest and in full gear. She is now in a great dilemma as she can’t imagine getting married to someone else and she also does not want to get married without her parents’ consent.

This situation is a very paramount one for some people, as people most times consult their religious leaders for every step they take, career, marriage, travel etc. These religious leaders in turn give series of prayers and fasting sessions after which they come up with their own conclusion or vision which they have gotten in relative to your steps. But my question here is are they always right, i understand that religious leaders are meant to be like ‘guidance’ that directs us and help us not to go astray, but with the high rise of false religious leaders how can you be so sure that this vision the religious leader has said to have seen is real, i mean if God can show the religious leader this vision why cant you get the vision too.

I personally feel in issues like this you try to get your own personal  vision, try to connect personally pray the prayers and fast the fast if it is required, as long as you believe and you are in tune the ‘God’ that speaks to your religious leader can also speak to you.

So people hit the comment session tell us what you think about this issue, would you stop wedding plans if your religious leader says that your spouse is not the husband/wife for you.

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