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We’ve always been plagued with the question ‘What do men want?’ Truthfully as women we can only assume, if we knew then we probably wouldn’t ask this questions constantly. Many times women have been led to believe that men want a certain type of woman, while every man is different many women feel that all men would prefer a weaker women, a woman who relies on them for every single thing, a woman who lives off their ability to take care of them but in all honesty there are 90% of men out there who feel very differently.

Men have a certain way of doing things, unlike women their attachment is not that deep so rather than a weak woman, they want a strong one who can match them, a woman who listens, someone who can hold down the forte whether or not the man is available. There is so much I can say but my point of view may not convince you.

What do men want? Find out in this video from Ndani Tv’s real talk which features the Host and four nigerian married and unmarried male celebrities, find out what they want as this can help you in your relationship.

Have you seen the video? I bet you have, now do you know what men want or do you have other ideas that are different from the one’s expressed in the video? Talk to us, lets know your thoughts on the subject, simply leave your comments in the comment section below.

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