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Hey Lovelies

Since there is no tomatoes and you have to maximize the little one you got from the market, making Jollof rice this Sunday is a no go area. Last week we shared the fried rice recipe with you today we are sharing the egg stew recipe. The egg stew is famous in nigerian houses, some people have it as a Sunday staple while others as a breakfast meal on the weekend.


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The Egg stew is simple tasty and delicious and the fun part is that preparation is a no brainer. Personally I love to add a bit of fresh ginger and garlic, it gives it an amazing taste. This means you can use whatever you please, if you like parsley so much or rosemary you can add it to your egg stew. Cooking is about having fun and stumbling about delicious twist.


This Is What You’ll Need;

  • Medium chopped onions,
  • 10 Diced tomatoes and pepper or stew paste and grounded pepper,
  • 1/2 tsp Freshly ground garlic and ginger (optional),
  • I thin sardine (optional),
  • 6 large eggs,
  • Salt and seasoning cube,
  • Curry and Thyme (optional),
  • Vegetable oil or Olive Oil.

What You Need To Do:

  1. Crack six eggs into a clean bowl and whisk properly, add a pinch of salt and whisk again. Then allow the mix to rest.
  2. Low the stove to medium heat and place a sauce pan, allow to heat for a few seconds before adding enough vegetable/virgin olive oil.
  3. Allow oil to heat a bit then add onions and saute till its a little brown and translucent then add chopped tomatoes and pepper or stew paste. Also add salt, seasoning cube curry, thyme and freshly ground garlic and ginger, sardine.
  4. Leave the sauce to cook for about 6-10 minutes depending on whether its chopped tomatoes or stew paste then stir into it the whisked egg and stew to allow the egg spread into the sauce.
  5. Gently stir about in the sauce pan and allow to simmer for 6 minutes before serving.

You can serve the egg sauce with yam or rice, boiled sweet and Irish potato or bread. Get cooking ladies!!!

Which would you rather use for your egg stew? Tomato stew paste or freshly chopped tomatoes?

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