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Hey Divas,

The search for Bae is like the ‘Ultimate Search’ and I’m sure some ladies on the day when their Mr right is in front of them seeking for their hand in marriage, they would want to lightly punch him and ask the question – so its been you all this while? Well, till then the search continues.

As ladies we are expected to be on top of our style game at all time no matter your relationship status, I’m actually not a fan of people who feel they have a serious relationship so they don’t have to make an effort to look good. Since you don’t want to loose Bae eventually when he finds you, then your look is part of what could be your A-game.

Nobody can argue that marriage is taken very seriously in this part of the world. Thus, people feel eligible bachelors and sprinters are always at weddings. With this little information, I just gave when there is a wedding to attend you have to  set out looking as pretty as ever, rocking  flattering outfits and not just a basic makeup, go for class as you never can tell Bae might just be around the corner.

Even though we love fashion so much at Madivas, we also want you to find Bae in all those wedding owambes and that’s why we decided to bring you these wedding guest style inspirations to help you catch Bae’s attention. Scroll down to see our collection of wedding guest styles for future wives…


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Ladies, Bae is always looking out for you so you’ve got to look your best at all times.

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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