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Even if you are not on the bridal train, it’s important that you glam up for a wedding, there’s no rule that says the wedding guest shouldn’t look on point, therefore you need to put effort into your look when you are attending a wedding as a guest, have it in mind, you don’t know who you might run into so you need to look your best and represent (smile)

Wedding grooming is not just about the clothes or aso ebi style you have on that day, your entire being should be glammed up and clean as well, you have to put effort into the little things like having your nails done, your hair properly styled etc. Follow the process below next time you are invited to be at a wedding ceremony (which might be this week, you never know)

  1. Your hair is very important, because if your hair is all wrong then every other thing would look off and awkward therefore you need to put a lot of energy into styling and treating your hair before the ceremony. Your hair should look fresh, smell good and look shiny (even if it’s a month old) not flat, spongy, smelly or dull.
  2. The eyebrows are the base of your face that means they should be well trimmed and not neglected, make sure they are not too thin (brow faux pas) , keep them full even if you want to go with fuller eyebrows make sure to trim the hairs that are out of your natural brow line. If you can’t achieve the trimming yourself then visit a professional and make sure to state that you don’t want thin brows.
  3. The perfect outfit is not farfetched, if you want custom made make sure you get a terrific design and a really good tailor who won’t ruin your fabric and if you are going the English way, a flowy dress in a shade that brings out your color is ideal.
  4. For your accessory, opt for bling embellishments/design but not those that would overwhelm you; stud clutch, earrings and just a bit on your heels would do just fine.
  5. Do not forget your nails they are essential, they don’t need to be fancy they just need to be in a solid color. So get a mani-pedi a day before the wedding.
  6. Finally your make-up must be on point therefore if you can’t make yourself up visit a professional makeup artiste.

I hope this wedding glam suggestion would be useful to you here are pictures that would inspire you:

Cool Ensemble

Hello World

Well Tailored


Right Accessory

Hairstyle Perfection

Hairstyle Perfection

Floral Works

Floral Works

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Do you think there are more suggestions you can offer? I would love to hear them just leave your comments in the comment box below.

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