What are you wearing? The color RED

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Excited! Valentine’s day is finally here people and I bet you already loving up bae some more today but still, what are you wearing ladies??..So the trend has always been to wear ‘red’ a touch of red or go out all fabulous in red. Yeah! it sure can be cliche.  Hmmn! well Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love, a very emotionally intense color. So that said, then let’s tension the men today in red.

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And who says we are limited only to that body con stunner dress, nah! We not o, do try out some head turning Aso-ebi styles that are sure to keep the Men at the tip of their toes, head turning. Yes! So if you want to try out some Aso-ebi styles, here is a few to explore about. So stay fierce, smack those red lips of yours and wear that $3xy Red dress to keep your man loving your style. Do not be caught looking tacky! Stay stylish and do have a great time also, show bae some good loving, have fun with yourselves.
Ok let me be going, we self-lovers here…lol, my bae is not around, i’m not the side chic..lol, but in the meantime…

Happy Valentine’s day lovers and those single babies out there, we at Fashion Police Nigeria love you..Ciao!

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