Wearing a CropTops- Casual corporates

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Still on the style trends, the crop tops are still here on our list. They’ve been around for quite some time now and they still here and still an absolute must-have! We ladies are all about highlighting our best features and for crop tops, its our midriffs, the part of the human body between the chest (also called the bosom) and the pelvis or hips or basically as known to all, our belly, stomach but not the whole view o…lol. Cop tops are easy and so versatile, every girl can find a way to wear one in a way that’s comfortable for her!
True as we know it, Pulling off a crop top on the weekend or casually is one thing.

But incorporating it into our work wear or to the office? That’s a whole different ball game. An excerpt from Pop Sugar fashion gives us the ultimate cheat; find a boxy crop top with a vibrant pattern. Bonus points if it’s also embellished with an intricate neckline. Throw it over your standard tank dress, and you’ll give off the illusion of a skirt-and-shirt ensemble.

Or try a pleated printed skirt that hits you below the knee which is completely work appropriate. Flatter your waist with a tighter tank, neutral heels, and a couple standout accessories and throw in a blazer. Voila! we did it!


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