What should I wear to Church – New Segment on Fashion Police

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So for a while now we have been thinking of different segments that we can introduce to the Fashion  police community to keep you guys interested and engaged with us. While so many people have sent in there different opinions, we figured that the best and most obvious one to start with is helping our millions of readers out there decide what to wear to church.

It is extremely difficult for us girls to decide what to wear to church, there aren’t so many alternatives due to the “conservative look” that tradition and custom(especially here in Nigeria) demands from us.

I mean not all of us likes to wear the big hat and pointy shoes. I personally love floral prints, we have written about them  before here  but I like to think they are personal favorites. See below some pictures.

You guess can comment on the one you absolutely love the most and you would be willing to wear to church.


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